Which are the transportation options in the UK

Transporte en el Reino Unido

Traveling throughout the UK is very easy with good road and rail networks and some of the world’s busiest airports. However, long distance travel can be expensive and it is always advisable to think and book ahead when purchasing tickets to take advantage of cheaper options.

In all cities there are good bus and rail services and each one will have their own companies, ticketing schemes and prices. A weekly or monthly bus or rail ticket may be a good option if you are planning to use these services regularly and some companies may also offer a student discount.

In London there is the ‘oyster card’, which is a form of pre-paid travel card.

Go to your local travel shop or tourist information centre to find out about all the travel options available.

The following websites provide useful information on traveling in the UK:

www.traveline.org.uk (for a general overview of travel in the UK)

www.nationalexpress.com (for coach/bus travel)

www.thetrainline.co.uk (for train travel)