This is what some of our students say about us

Our students share how the experience of living and studying abroad has shaped them academically and enriched them personally by the cultural diversity.  

Testimonio Cristian Guevara

Cristian Guevara, Advance Software Engineering with Industry, University of Leicester

My experience in the University of Leicester has been awesome. I have enjoyed all the aspects of the academic life. I have meet people from different parts of the world and learnt a lot from them. In the academic field, this experience has been fairly challenging and I think that I have got more knowledge than I thought I could learn before come here.

At the beginning it was very difficult to understand the people when they talked to me, but with the time I have improved my language skills, while during lectures, it is easier to understand because teachers speak slower and you have the option to read again the study material.

I recommend this experience for your own personal growth additionally to the academic learning.

Andres Felipe Suarez_sss

Andrés Felipe Suárez Barbosa, Master in Reservoir Engineering, University of Aberdeen

MAS Education has been an essential facilitator in choosing the Institution in which I am developing my master’s degree in the United Kingdom. Certainly their experience, knowledge and counselling skills were and essential part to the success of my decision. I must emphasize their selfless commitment and timely processes needed to enter to the University of Aberdeen and to be able to start my Master degree in Reservoir Engineering.

Testimonio Juan David Hernandez

Juan David Hernández, MBA, University of Exeter

Study abroad is one of those choices that you will never regret. I applied to the University of Exeter through MAS Education and it has been the best experience for my personal and professional life. The One Planet MBA at Exeter, offers you top leading education in the UK with a cross-cultural approach for sustainability-minded leaders.

It also enhance your career to a next level since it brings you all the tools to understand the changing business environment and some other global challenges in the corporate world.

Living in the UK it is also a remarkable experience since you find a variety of people from different cultures, lifestyles and backgrounds that enhance not only your knowledge but also your life perspective.

Thus, if you are looking for a life-changing professional and personal experience, you should consider to study in the UK.

Testimonio Alejandra Muñoz

Alejandra Casas Muñoz, Philosophy and history of Science, University of Bristol

Bristol is an exciting, warm and lovely city. When you leave your home country and face the adventure of living in a new culture with a new language, it takes you a while to feel at home.

Bristol is that kind of city where you do feel at home straight away! I am not only talking about the city as (citizens and their/our environment), but also I’m talking about the University.

In this interesting and challenging place you can learn. The University of Bristol is a place where professors, teachers, and the administration team, are very willing to help you with everything.

There are many different challenges to studying at a UK University. My Advice to overcome these challenges is to organise your activities in order to not only learn about your specific topic, but also about the new language in context. You need to view the experience as an awesome adventure increasing your motivation for learning.

Finally, to open your mind for understanding the immensity of the world and its citizens, this is one of the most important experiences because you increase your knowledge not only about your own topic but also about different communities around the world.

For all of the above reasons, studying abroad is an experience that everyone should experience.

At the beginning of this dream, I had the support of MAS Education. They provided to with me information and suggestions about universities, analysing different aspects of my decisions. Besides this, they were very willing to help me with visa process and everything related to that. I am very grateful to them.

Daniel Monsalve, MBA, Nankai UniversityDaniel Monsalve_sm

Studying a MBA in China brings to you a brand new perspective of business with a completely different background designed for understanding the emerging markets context. The crisis resilience that China has shown during the last few years is one of the most important issues in the current world, and this program gives to you the valuable opportunity to understand why, and to find the opportunities of doing business into this new context.

Despite the difficulties derived from the complexity of the language, and chinese culture you will find this experience enjoyable in many aspects. From the food, the places to the remoteness sensation, China will be an unforgettable challenge that could change your life.

The MBA program at Nankai University is a really international experience. You will have the opportunity of taking classes with leaders and professionals, classmates and professors, from every single corner of the world.

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