Searching for accommodation in the UK

Alojamiento en el Reino Unido

Each institution we represent offer different types of accommodation at different prices, services and contract schemes. These specifications will be explained to each student who will be free to choose according to your preferences and budget.

MAS Education can help you coordinate the type of accommodation with the institution in the UK if you wish.

Types of accommodation in the UK:

Halls of Residence

Esta opción es la más conocida entre los estudiantes universitarios, se solicita a través de la Universidad elegida y puede ser menos costosa. Una buena opción para compartir, conocer personas y participar en las actividades dirigidas por la Universidad.

Home Stay

Common amongst language schools and a really good way of providing a transition to the UK way of life. “Home Stay” means that you live with a family, which has been organised by the institution you choose to study at.

Letting Agent Accommodation

Finding accommodation through a letting agent is generally the most expensive option and usually requires large deposits and guarantors. However, dealing with a letting agent normally ensures you can rent the property for a minimum of 6 months, giving you some degree of security.

Private Accommodation

A different and often cheaper option is to search the local papers and the web for privately let accommodation. Every landlord’s requirements are different but you may be asked to supply proof of study, etc, as well as pay a deposit (usually one month’s rent in advance).

Shared Accommodation

Sharing a house with others is a cheap option and, with the right housemates, can provide you with one of the quickest ways of adjusting to life in the UK and building a social network.


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