Study Programmes

At MAS Education we offer a variety of programmes to meet your studying needs, from a summer course, a pre-university programme, undergraduate or post-graduate degree.

Summer Course

Duration: 2 to 4 weeks. There are longer programmes.

Description: Summer programmes are held in the months of June, July and August each year. The programmes offered are specialized in a wide variety of subjects and are held on the campuses of universities and private schools.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Careers

Duration: Between 1 and 2 years, depending on the programme.

Description: Some of the careers offered are: Accounting, Science, Business Administration, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Programming, Creative Arts, Economics, Electronic Engineering, Humanities, Industrial Engineering, Journalism, Languages, Law, Marketing, Mathematics / Statistics, MBA, Mechanical Engineering, television, Medicine, Political Science, Production Engineering, Psychology, Social Science, Systems Engineering, Tourism, among others.

You can study an undergraduate or master’s course in China, the United Kingdom or the United States by following our advice.

If you wish to study a program that is not listed, please contact us to arrange an appointment and assist you in finding the right course.

Pathway Programmes

University Pathway Programmes

The Pathway Programmes are an excellent option to enter the best universities in the UK.

These programmes have become very popular and are a good choice to become familiar with university life.

There are 3 different types of Pathway Programmes:

University Foundation Programmes

Due to the difference between the school system in the UK (13 years of school, as shown in the picture) and the international system (usually between 11 and 12 years of school) the Foundation Programme is the first step to obtain a professional qualification in the UK.

Classes are held at the University campus and at the same facilities where university students attend class. Includes courses in the area and advanced English classes (when necessary). When you finish the university foundation programme, your first year of college is guaranteed. It is an excellent option to enroll in UK universities positioned in the top world rankings.

University Diploma Programmes

These programmes are equivalent to the programme which is offered during the first year of college. The benefit offered focuses on the possibility of applying directly to the university, and since they are available only for international students, it may be less expensive than the regular tuition fee for the first year.

There are benefits of taking advanced English classes and achieving an easier transition to the second year of university (the entry to the second year of college is guaranteed upon successful completion of the program).

Pre-Masters / Graduate Diploma (Pre-maestría)

Designed for students who need to be prepared before starting a master’s degree in the UK. It is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the university and improve their academic level of English. These programmes can last between three months and one year depending on the preparation needed.

Foundation Programmes

Discuss with us your study requirements.